Minnesota Reading Corps Tutor Positions

Published on: February 26, 2012

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Make an impact. Become a tutor.

Right now, nearly one in four Minnesota third-graders is failing to reach basic levels of literacy. That’s nearly 15,000 children each year.

You have the power and the skills to change that statistic. As a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor, you’ll work with children from age three to grade three to provide proven research-based instruction and tools and ultimately, guide struggling students toward becoming successful readers.

In return, you’ll receive:

  • A modest living stipend
  • Education award of up to $5,550
  • Extensive training
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Additional benefits, if eligible
  • The pride of knowing you have given young readers the chance to build a brighter future

Our goal is to help every Minnesota child become a proficient reader by third grade. With your help, we can make that goal a reality.

What are the hours?

Members follow the schedule of a typical school day, which vary by school. A full-time member serves 40 hour per week at the school. A part-time member serves 20 hours per week at the school. 

I have a part-time job or am in school. Can I still be a Minnesota Reading Corps member?

Yes. You have to plan carefully to make sure that you are able to serve 40 hours / week as a full-time member or 20 hours / week as a part-time member. Plenty of members serve part-time while they also attend school. We are willing to accept current students but will ask about your class schedule. It is important that you have a consistent schedule between both semesters and that you’re able to serve the required hours Monday through Friday, during normal school hours. 

Is this a paid or volunteer position?

If you join Minnesota Reading Corps, you are joining a service program – not entering into permanent employment. In exchange for your service, you receive a biweekly living allowance of approximately $500 for full-time members or $250 for part-time members.

Read more about Minnesota Reading Corps at www.joinreadingcorps.org

Hear from an ECYD student about being a Minnesota Reading Corps Literacy Tutor…
“As a tutor, I am consistently amazed by the progress made by my students. I meet individually with students on a daily basis to work on literacy skills. These students are below the target scores for their grade level; however, they do not qualify for other types of reading intervention services because they aren’t “low” enough. They are struggling readers who will likely continue to struggle if they don’t receive some extra help. Besides the joy I feel from student success, I also have had the opportunity to build some great friendships with students, teachers, and other school staff. Through my Minnesota Reading Corps training and experience, I have grown in many ways. I have gained skills in leadership, professionalism, and overall ability and comfort in working with children.”

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