Monster Bookmarks

Published on: December 10, 2011

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This year, my son and I are making many of our gifts. Let me tell you what we made last weekend...

My son loves to read and so do both of his grandmothers.

We found these super cute, easy to make, Monster Corner Bookmarks through We actually didn’t see that there’s a link to the pattern   so my son followed the instructions to create his own pattern. That’s okay though…he enjoyed it and had to follow many steps to create it.

He’s usually not too into crafty things, but this project had his interest! He wanted to cut out each piece of paper (eyes, teeth, etc.). Since he chose to make two for each grandma, one for me, one for dad, and one for himself, there was a lot of cutting! I’m a scrapbooker so we had plenty of paper on hand. He chose different designs for each person (he chose paper filled with numbers for dad and himself since they both love math) I guess I didn’t get a picture of those two.

Anyway, once he had one complete, he put it in his book and was filled with excitement! “Oh sweet! It looks cool!” (said with a huge grin on his face) I have to agree…they are pretty adorable. Maybe you have a little reader in your life that would enjoy creating these booksmarks. Here’s to reading!

2 Responses to Monster Bookmarks

  1. Amy says:

    LOVE IT!! My daughter saw them and wants to make them for her whole class… we better get started now 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    we got started… 21 for her class, 2 nephews and my boys made a few for their friends!

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