Mondays with ME (11/21/11): School Crisis/Disaster

Published on: November 21, 2011

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How is your child’s school prepared to respond in the event of a crisis or disaster that touches the lives of students?

You may be reassured by what this Mom Enough guest has to say about both the nature of most crises and the school’s well-thought-out plan of action.

When you think of crisis intervention in the schools, you may think of headline-grabbing images of school shooters or other in-school threats to children’s safety. Did you know that schools actually are one of the safest places children go? In fact, most crises that affect the lives of students happen outside of school. Because children can’t come to school and forget about what has happened elsewhere in their lives, school personnel need to be prepared to help children through a crisis.

Dr. Martha Rosen, lead psychologist in the Minneapolis Public Schools, describes how teachers and other professionals in the school come together to address the emotional needs of children touched by a crisis, helping them stay engaged in school and learning even as they build coping skills to carry forward in their lives.

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