Family Child Care Union?

Published on: November 17, 2011

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What are providers saying about this? Hear from one local provider below.

Family Child Care Union Election Ordered

As you know, Governor Dayton issued an Executive Order authorizing the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services to conduct a union election among licensed, registered, subsidized family child care providers.

This means that ONLY licensed family child care providers, who were registered as of September 30, 2011 to receive Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program subsidies, will be eligible to vote in the election.

Legal Action: Lawyers for providers and the legislators are currently working on this.  

Labor Law: There are no laws governing this labor organization. All other unions have these laws, we will NOT! We would not be able to get rid of the union without another Executive Order. All child care unions have been formed outside labor law but this will be the only union in Minnesota NOT covered under labor law that we are aware of. All public sector and private sector unions are covered by labor law.  

Who gets to vote: It is our understanding that only those providers who were registered to accept CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) payments as of 9/30/11 and received at least 1 CCAP payment in the preceding year will be receiving ballots for next month’s vote.  

Votes counted: The majority of ballots TURNED IN will determine the unionization status. Therefore, anyone who gets a ballot needs to turn it in. If providers do not turn in a ballot, it will essentially mean a vote FOR the unions.  

Exclusive meet and confer: ALL PROVIDERS ON CCAP WILL BE CONSIDERED UNIONIZED, not just those who choose to be members. The union is only meant to represent CCAP providers….HOWEVER….the issues the unions will be negotiating and bargaining on will ultimately affect ALL 11,000 providers….licensing issues, training/education, staffing, regulations, QRIS, quality of care, etc.….these things all go FAR beyond the scope of the child care subsidy program and WILL DETERMINE the direction of 11,000 small businesses.

THIS IS NOT A FAIR VOTE! Again…even though they are only supposed to be unionizing the CCAP providers, the intent is to bring changes that will affect ALL 11,000 providers and it will be a small group of providers who are members and on CCAP who will be making this decision for ALL 11,000 providers.  

Voluntary: Membership is voluntary. This means you will not be forced to join and pay dues. However, member or not, YOU WILL be a part of the union and be exclusively represented by the union if you accept a child on CCAP. The union intends to bargain on issues that will impact all licensed family child care providers so this will affect you, CCAP or not.  

Fair Share: Governor Dayton’s office is saying this won’t happen as we are not covered by state labor law. He also put something in the E.O. that says nothing in this order “shall be construed to require participation, or the involuntary payment of dues from any child care providers.” However, it says it doesn’t “require” but it also doesn’t specifically prohibit” the involuntary payment of dues. Furthermore, the union has maintained all along that dues are for members only. What it charges the rest of us would be called “fair share fees” or “agency fees” and those are not mentioned in this order at all.

So it is unclear whether the union could still get around this part of the Executive Order and charge “fair share fees” or fees under another name to non-members. We do know that the union wants to charge fair share fees and if they can find a way to do it, they will.    

I am urging you to make your voice heard……do not wait!!! HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO……make phone calls, send emails, and send letters to your legislators, the Governor, and your local newspapers. Last week I sent out another 85 just myself. If each of you took the time to send or email out just a handful, think about the impact we could make. (A hard copy is best but an email is better than nothing at all.) 

Governor Dayton’s office 651-201-3400  

For more information go to    

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Spread the word…..let others know that THIS WILL AFFECT ALL 11,000 PROVIDERS, even those not covered by the contract. It is imperative that ALL providers who do not want union representation or changes to the current system VOTE NO and mail in their ballots immediately!

If a union representative comes to your door and tries to interfere in any way or gives you information regarding the vote that you feel may be inaccurate, let us know so we can report it.    

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!   Thanks again for your valuable contributions to children, their families…..and the Family Child Care profession.  

Pat Gentz  

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“Children learn to love when they are loved” 

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  1. Julie says:

    Thanks so much for this information Pat. I have been asking everyone I know if they know what we cn do to stop this vote. I am one of those who will be allowed to vote but I don’t feel this is a fair vote. Let hope for everyone that this union does not go through.

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