Seven Reasons to Take a Second Look at Homeschooling

Published on: August 1, 2011

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This week’s BAM!Radio is about homeschooling. According to the guest, homeschooling isn’t what it used to be or what many people think it is. However, some experts still disapprove of homeschooling. If you haven’t checked out homeschooling recently, this may be a good time. Click HERE to listen.

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One Response to Seven Reasons to Take a Second Look at Homeschooling

  1. Bronwen says:

    Definitely take a look at homeschooling! I am a daycare provider(4 days a week) and a homeschooler. Personalized tutoring! What child wouldn’t benefit! So many curriculums out there and co-ops! If u like to teach…take a look at homeschooling…I am so glad I have made the choice to at least do the first primary grades!

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