That Changes Everything…

Published on: July 27, 2011

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Plans were all set: Child care was arranged. Work was scheduled. Family visits were organized. Dates were planned. Weekend landscaping ordered. The hustle and bustle of every day life- to and from work, hockey, camp, church, household chores…repeat. Sometimes on auto-pilot.

Today was no different: Woke up and got ready. Dropped child off and drove to conference. Socialized with new aquaintances and made afternoon session plans. Shared networking and e-learning ideas. Laughed. Enjoyed the moment.

Reached in purse and grabbed business card to exchange. Checked phone quickly. 3 missed calls and 2 texts. From husband- Did you talk to your mom yet? From mom- Can you call me now? It’s important.

Excused myself from lunch table and called mom. “Mom, is everything okay? Are you okay?” “No, no I’m not. Grandpa passed away.”

That changes everything. Conference no longer as important. Listen as she explains the situation. Hang up phone and sit…stunned. Wind blows across my face. No longer hungry. Time seems to stand still. What to do. That changes everything…

2 Responses to That Changes Everything…

  1. Sarah Vilmain says:

    Wow…totally feeling that moment with you. A total sock-in-the-gut, change of perspective. Helps us all to remember how precious life is and how everything can change in a heartbeat. I’m really sorry for your loss. Big hug, friend. We’ll chat soon…

  2. Becky (Bozicevich) deWidt says:

    Sorry to read about your loss. prayers being sent your way for you and your family.

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