You Know Your Child Is Sick When…

Published on: June 19, 2011

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You know your child is sick when he/she…

  •  asks to come home from camp
  •  doesn’t finish the entire popsicle
  • gets up in the morning to watch cartoons, but then goes right back up to bed
  • doesn’t want homemade caramel rolls and instead requests ramen noodles

Being sick is not fun for anyone but it’s especially a bummer for children. As a parent or caregiver, you may not always see the characteristic symptoms of an illness in the child. You do however, often notice other small signs that the child may not be feeling well. It’s important to be observant and notice any changes in behavior, appetite, mood, energy level, spunk, etc..

I’m leaving tomorrow for 6 days and alas, my son is sick. It’s hard to leave knowing that I’d like to be here to nurture him back to health. That being said, my husband is a great caregiver and will take my place. Where am I going for 6 days? That’s in my next post. It’s sure to be a journey. (There’s a competition involved) Stay tuned…

Do YOU have any “You know your child is sick when he/she…”? Please comment below.

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