Have YOU Heard About This?

Published on: May 24, 2011

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I saw this report online recently and am wondering have YOU? It’s about two parents that tested positive for illegal drugs and as a result, lost custody of their young daughter. The parents have since done everything asked of them by CPS and more importantly, have tested negative for drug use for many months. Child Protective Services is trying to terminate their parental rights although they admit that the child was never neglected or abused.

This young girl was abruptly taken from her parents and was not allowed to see them for nearly three months. I can only imagine how this would effect a 3 year old child. She didn’t respond well to the alternative care and wait until you see how CPS responded.

Do you think this situation was handled correctly? If not, what could’ve been changed? What dangers are children in when they have drug-abusing parents, even is it’s ‘recreational use’? I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions about this story. Comment below.


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