The Joke Is On Me

Published on: April 1, 2011

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Today is April Fools Day, but apparently the joke is on me. This morning I had what I thought was a good idea to ‘fool’ my family. I poured us each a bowl of Cheerios cereal. I poured in my milk- everything was normal. My son poured his milk- it turned blue. My husband poured his milk- it turned green.

I thought my son would think it was funny…or neat…or something. He didn’t. He thought it was turning blue because there were blueberries in it. “Ugh. I don’t want blueberries. Why’d you put in blueberries?” He was about to throw it away when my husband said, “It’s just food coloring.” I asked him what he thought of my idea and he replied with a serious face, “Mom, it’s not that funny.”

Oh well. Better luck next year I guess. What did YOU do for April Fools? Please share your ideas in the Comments section below.

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