SkillsUSA State Championship Competition

Published on: March 25, 2011

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Last night two ladies came to open lab specifically to prepare for Saturday’s State competition. Jessica J. and Alicia M. will be competing tomorrow in the SkillsUSA State Championship Competition-Preschool Teaching Assistant.

Students need to show academic achievement and be nominated by an instructor to be in SkillsUSA. Once the student has accepted the nomination and filled out the paperwork, they are ready to prepare themselves.

The students have met with career counselors and finessed their resumes, created activity card lessons with props and practiced reading aloud. This is the first year that the Child Development program at DCTC has been involved in SkillsUSA and competed in the State Championship. The students have been working hard and I feel confident about them representing DCTC.

Tomorrow is the big day! The students will be evaluated on a series of events during the competition: a knowledge test, a job interview, reading a storybook aloud, and preparing a lesson plan. They will be critiqued on both knowledge and presentation.

Good Luck Ladies!!!

2 Responses to SkillsUSA State Championship Competition

  1. Lorelei says:

    Good luck girls!

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks Lorelei…we’re going to miss you!

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