Published on: November 3, 2010

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Some people enjoy pranking others and some would say Halloween gives them an excuse. Alas…it’s not all fun and games for everyone. 

Unbeknownst to us, Halloween pranksters snuck up to our porch after dark, grabbed our pumpkins and gourds, and smashed them to pieces. I realize that this is a part of the Halloween tradition for some, but my seven year old son, was beside himself. He ran outside to check his newly carved Jack-o-lanterns and alas, they were all smashed. He stood in disbelief.

“Why did daddy run over my pumpkins?”
“Dad didn’t do that honey. Strangers did.”
“What? How?”
“They probably snuck up here and took them and smashed them.”
Crying…”What? Why would they come onto our property and do THAT? Why would they do that to me? I worked so hard on them. Those stupid people! Ugh! I feel so mad. Those idiot people smashed my hard work. That’s a mean thing to do to me.”

He was sad/angry for most of the morning. We talked about how poor choices of some people (they thought it was funny) can be hurtful to others. Just because it’s fun, doesn’t make it right.

I could’ve told him that we would go out and buy some new ones for him to carve, but I didn’t. It’s important to let children experience life and the mishaps that occur. Even though he was very angry and hurt, he’ll get over it (and he did). He just needed time alone to calm down. We talked it through and he moved on with his day, even though it bothered him that it happened. Isn’t that what we want to instill? Life skills. Hopefully this also means that he won’t be a pumpkin smasher when he’s older 😉

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