Developmentally Appropriate Discipline?

Published on: September 15, 2010

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Timeout? Scold? Take away toys? What does developmentally appropriate discipline look like in the classroom? This week’s RADIO program takes a closer look at discipline and punishment. Click HERE to listen.

**(MN Rule 3) 9503.0055, subpart 4. Separation from the group. No child may be separated from the group unless

A. Less intrusive methods of guiding the child’s behavior have been tried and were ineffective.
B. The child’s behavior threatens the well being of the child or other children in the program.
C. A child who requires separation from the group must:
1) Remain within an unenclosed part of the classroom where the child can be continuously seen and heard by a program staff person;
2) The child’s return to the group must be contingent on the child’s stopping or bringing under control the behavior that precipitated the separation; and
3) The child must be returned to the group as soon as the behavior that precipitated the separation abates or stops.

Note: Children between the ages of six weeks and 16 months must not be separated from the group as a means of behavior guidance.

 As always, you can access many early childhood radio programs under the RADIO tab on this site.

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