BAM Radio: Withdrawing Recess

Published on: August 11, 2010

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This topic can be touchy for some. This week’s radio segment is: Removing Recess…Does It Work? I understand why teachers withhold recess and use it as a “punishment.” However, I personally see recess as a right and not a privilege.

Children, and all people for that matter, need a break between intense learning. We can’t expect children to “sit still” or “be quiet” all day long. Recess gives them a chance to break free from the intensity. They are actually better able to focus when they return.

Recess also gives children a great opportunity to socialize and practice those skills in an informal setting. This can be crucial for some children. Interacting with their peers through play is important.

Finally, we can’t ignore the fact that so many children are overweight and/or obese. We can’t remove gym/phy-ed AND recess from the school day. It’s not all about the academics. Yes, reading, writing, and math are all important. But the recess, phy-ed, the arts, etc. are equally important. Recess can actually improve acheivement! Listen in to hear some research about this.

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