Snack Attack

Published on: October 24, 2009

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What are you craving?

All of the following portion sizes contain about 100 calories.



Baby carrots- 20

Celery or sticks

Cucumber slices

Apple slices- from 1 large apple

Multi bran chex cereal- 1/2 c.

Cheerios- 1 c.

Rice cakes- 2 large or 10 mini

Nature Valley granola bar- 1


Pretzels- 1 oz. (1 large or 10 regular)

Baked chips- 1 oz. (15)

Saltines- 8

Air popped popcorn- 3 cups

Soft and chewy

Mini muffin-1

Mini bagel-1

Low fat chewy granola bar-1

Cereal bar-1

Fig newtons-2

Ginger snaps- 3

Oatmeal raisin cookie- 1 medium


Cherry tomatoes

Fresh fruit (peach, strawberries,

watermelon, canteloupe)- 1 cup

Canned fruit packed in juice- ½ cup

Dried fruit- ¼ c.

Fat free fruit yogurt- 6 oz.

Latte with fat free milk- 8 oz.

Frosted mini wheats- ½ cup

Low fat cookies- 2 small

Cold and Juicy

Fresh fruit (berries, melon, grapes,

orange, pineapple, plums)

Popsicle or frozen fruit bar- 1

Sherbert or sorbet- ½ cup

Jello- ½ cup


Fudgsicle- 1

Hot cocoa with fat free milk-1 cup

Fat free chocolate pudding- ½ cup

Fat free frozen yogurt- ½ cup

4 Hershey kisses or 1 mini candy bar
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