Sick Sick Sick

Published on: October 20, 2009

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I haven’t posted in a week and you might be wondering why. Well, I’ve come down with a bug. It was actually quite peculiar because each day I had a different set of symptoms than the day before. Tomorrow will mark the 7th day that I’ve been ‘under the weather’.

There are a few steps you can take to try your best from getting ill. I’m not going to discuss vaccinations because that can be a sensitive topic. Instead, I’m going to remind you of some day to day practices you could be doing.

First, be sure to wash your hands OFTEN. Before you eat, eafter you eat, if you cough, blow your nose, etc. Use the proper handwashing technique…wash with soap for 20 seconds creating friction (aka suds & bubbles) and rinse. It also helps if you wash your hands just before leaving work and again when you first arrive home. If you have sensitive hands, carry lotion with you to prevent cracking.

Second, once a day, gargle with warm salt water (or mouthwash) to sanitize your mouth…get rid of those sick germs before they linger too long.

Third, stay away from people that you know are sick. Crowded areas are not so great this time of year either.

Fourth, if you do begin to feel ill, take rest. Don’t overdo it.

Lastly, keep your home/work space sanitized as well. Don’t forget about the lightswitches, fridge door handles, countertops, tables, etc. Germs are lurking…

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