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Published on: August 27, 2009

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The Learning Center at DCTC provides coursework, tutoring and other services that assist students. All students from any class or program may use the Writing Center.  The Writing Center provides quality writing assistance and tutoring to students wishing to become confident, independent writers. The writing center is located in room 2-141. The Writing Center tutor is Eric Wardell. The hours are as follows:
            M         8:30-12
            T-Th    8:30-12 and 12:30-4
            F          8:30-12
The Math Center will be guided by Marie Saunders.  The hours there are as follows:
            M-Th   9-3p
            F          9-12
*Marie takes individual appointments M-Th mornings and offers group tutoring M-Th 12-3p and Friday 9-12
For scheduling:
Eric and Marie can be scheduled with Ayesha in the Learning Center 651-423-8420
Kate and Jan make their own schedules and have contact information on their respective schedules.
Any questions, please contact us at the Learning Center 651-423-8420
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