Sticky Situation

Published on: November 8, 2008

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Have you ever wondered what the best way to get gum out of clothing was? I had the opportunity to find out last night.
Let me back up a bit. My 5 year old son was chewing bubble gum and playing on the Wii. He decided to be done with his gum and set it in the chair. Later that evening, my husband sat in the chair. Needless to say, he had gum stuck on his shorts. He tried to get it off, but that just seemed to smear it around. He wasn’t too thrilled.
I had heard of different solutions for this sticky situation: hot vinegar, peanut butter, ice, WD40, etc. I decided to try the ice, as I didn’t want to stain or ruin his shorts with the other ideas. I grabbed a reusable plastic frozen ice ‘bar’ (the kind you’d use in your lunch box). I set that underneath the layer of the shorts where the gum was. I waited about 4 minutes and began picking the gum off. In some areas, to my amazement, it chipped right off! The areas took a little more care and patience. I waited a few more minutes and then, using a butter knife, I gently scraped at the gum. Slowly, it began to come off until there was no gum resido left. The entire process took about 15 minutes with fantastic results!
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