Happy Trails

Published on: November 8, 2008

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I’m sure you’ve noticed…the weather has been terrific lately! With warmer weather like this (in November) it’s easy to get back outside and PLAY! There are many things to do outside with children: ride bike, soccer, football, hockey, dance, rake leaves, rollerblade, nature walks, scavenger hunts, chalk drawings, etc. It’s important that children have PLENTY of opportunities to be outside with nature. Recently, this website was brought to my attention. I’d like to share it with you to use with your family, childcare, or simply as a resource.

This “club” was recently started by a local mom of two. It’s FREE for parents/providers and children to join. Local events are held at various places throughout the metro each month for families to participate in and connect with nature. There are a few guidelines to follow (as taken from their website) if you want to be a part of the Nature Club-

Guidelines for Happy Trails Family Nature Club Adventurers
* Guardians must stay with their children at all times, and are solely responsible for their well-being.
* Please be respectful of the Earth, and other people.
* Please leave dogs at home.
* Be sure to dress for the weather, and layer clothing.
* It is a good idea to bring a pack with water, and a simple snack.
* While we will be keeping to the designated trails, kids will be encouraged to explore their surroundings. This may mean (with the plant’s permission) picking a couple of leaves, etc., or whatever the child needs to do to connect with nature.
* Attempt to strike a balance between sharing nature experiences with your child, and also leaving them alone to explore on their own.
* You may wish to leave a picnic in your car or backpack, to eat after the event has ended.
* Families are not obligated to stay for the duration of the outing. Feel free to leave early if you need to.

There are 3 events scheduled still for November and 2 for December. Check out their website and begin creating outdoor memories together!!

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