Craniosynostosis Update 1

Published on: November 8, 2008

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Today, Friday, was supposed to be Carter’s head appointment. They were going to check his cranial structure, but they called…again. “We’ll have to reschedule his appointment. The surgeon will be on vacation,” they told me. The next available appointment isn’t until Nov. 7th. I guess I’m okay with this, as nothing is really going to change in 3 weeks.
However, I have learned a very valuable lesson. As a parent, you are your child’s advocate and always need to be watching out for your child. I thought it was odd that we were never asked back to see the surgeon after surgery. Our pediatric Dr. said that it was her responsibility to check his head and if she felt the need, she’d refer us back to the surgeon. Even though I felt a little uncomfortable with that, I trusted her because after all, she is a Dr.. ‘Maybe I was being paranoid,’ I told myself. I also trusted that if we were supposed to go back to see the surgeon, they would contact us. I was, however, recently informed by a woman at the clinic that they failed to contact us about coming back in and didn’t follow up with us. I have to admit that I am feeling somewhat apprehensive about the appointment, but am praying that everything will be fine.

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