Scott Gunderson

Scott R. Gunderson is the chairperson of the Business & Management department. He is also a supervisory management instructor. He began teaching at DCTC in July 2000.

Scott has a master’s degree in public and nonprofit administration from Metropolitan State University. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from LaSalle University and a supervisory management from Gateway Technical College.

He belongs to the National Rifle Association and has served as a law enforcement firearms instructor since 1987.

In 2003-04, Scott coordinated the research and development of the A.S. degree in business at DCTC. He followed up by redesigning the management for technical professionals A.A.S. Degree in 2005.The following year, he researched and developed the in industrial distribution.In 2009, he designed a new degree for the college; the A.S. Degree in Individualized Studies.  This degree considers career exploration, transfer credits and life experience.

Along with chairing his academic department, Scott serves on the Academic Standards Council, the Faculty Shared Governance Council, Safety Committee and the Enrollment Management Committee.

Scott brings extensive managerial experience to his position at DCTC. In 1978, he became manager of three fast-food restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. In 1982, he joined the nuclear security and safety team at a nuclear power plant.

Over the next 18 years, he worked as a response team leader, shift supervisor, security force manager, quality assurance manager, training manager, human resources director and district manager.

In 1995, he took the position of franchise manager at the world’s second-ranked security company and was responsible for the state of Minnesota, including all nuclear power plants and a large number of prestigious companies. He was also an adjunct faculty member in the Wisconsin Technical College system.

Scott has number of personal and professional achievements, including Firearms Distinguished Expert, five-year teaching licenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and 1997 Franchise Manager of the Year.

Certified by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers, Scott currently serves on the institute’s board of regents as well as the board of trustees for the Industrial Careers Pathways Initiative.

In 2007, he and a teaching colleague, Harold Torrence, received a grant from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system to research and develop a certificate and diploma program in multicultural supervision. The certificate and degree will begin fall semester 2008.

He is certified as a Master in Prior Learning Assessment from the Council of Adult Experiential Learning. He is also certified in Accelerated Learning Methodology through the Wisconsin Technical College system.

Scott has been featured in “Jobs Section” articles in the Star Tribune on several occasions as well as a guest columnist for the Dakota County Business Journal.

In 2010 Scott earned the prestigious designation of “SPHR” or Senior Professional in Human Resources.”  Scott sought this credential because of his passion of human resources and to add credibility to his teachings of human resources.

In regards to his teaching philosophy, Scott believes in “making a personal connection with my students to ensure the best learning experience.” He strives to be candid in the classroom, presenting real-life situations that his students will face as a supervisor or manager.

“I like to use humor to help develop an informal learning environment on serious issues,” says Scott. “Learning is student-focused using accelerated learning principles. I am passionate about the human resource and leadership areas. If you take care of your people—employees and students—they will take care of you.”

Scott has gone through cancer treatments on three different occasions. The experience taught him that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. “If you are unhappy, do something about it,” he advises. He points out that many of his students are doing just that.

As for the best part of his job as a DCTC instructor, Scott values making a difference in the lives of his students by offering the most current information and best practices in the industry.

“The college administration has the drive to be the best and this is instilled in all of us,” he says. “I thrive on change and in my role as an entrepreneur. No day is the same. I believe in getting involved and having some control over my own destiny.”

Scott’s hobbies and interests include serving as a Red Cross disaster volunteer for St. Croix County, Wis. He also enjoys golf, tennis and playing historical simulation games. He has been married since 1987 and has two teenagers heading for college and one adorable beagle.

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