Academic advising is critical to the successful completion of your Business program…

Published on: October 7, 2014

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Advising is not just about randomly picking classes and completing your registration, and instead it should be an opportunity to have quality time with your advisor to go over your academic progress, academic challenges and graduation timeline. You can also talk about the status of your education for employment.

Please avoid advising procrastination; I often see students waiting until the end of the semester to request their access codes for registration. This is not very productive for you and for your advisor because, at this time, some classes would be already full. At this point, your options might be limited, and so picking classes, under these conditions, can be a very difficult and frustrating experience.

Let’s set up an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible to talk about your academic progress and challenges by taking a quick look at your Degree Audit Report Status (DARS) available at DCTC’S e-services intranet site. If you have this honest conversation with your advisor early on, many times you will be able to identify opportunities for improvement, which can enhance your chances to successfully attain your academic goals and to ultimately complete your degree. We want to see you all with your cap and gown at our commencement ceremonies.

Finally, education for employment is the goal and mission, so feel free to talk to your advisor about your career development process and goals. In order for you to get the job of your dreams, you need to work at it and talk about it. We are all going through a process of self-discovery in our endeavor to gain the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience required for that job you are looking for. You and your advisor can have this very productive conversation to make sure you are doing the right things and taking the right steps to improve the probability to get there.

Don’t wait too long to contact your academic advisor to register for spring 2015. Scott Gunderson and Harold Torrence are both academic advisors for Business Management AAS, Business Administration AS, Management for Technical Professionals AAS and the Multicultural Management programs.  For Financial Aid and Academic advising, please contact Susan Kingsbury. Do not hesitate to contact us for our advising time availability.


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