A message to our DCTC Military-Affiliated Community

Published on: November 4, 2023

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To our DCTC military-affiliated community,

Happy Veterans Day to all our military-affiliated students and employees!


We asked DCTC students and employees, “What message would you like to share with our military community at DCTC this Veteran’s Day?” Here is what they said:



As the son of a veteran, I know that service comes with sacrifice.  Fortunately, my father’s main sacrifice was in deferring his ability to start a career.  I want to thank those veterans who put the interest of their country and fellow citizens before their own. – Michael Berndt, President


Thank you for your service to the United States of America. I am grateful for the many sacrifices you have made – from your health, to being away from loved ones, to being in harm’s way for our freedoms. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done and likely still do to represent America in meaningful ways. With heartfelt thanks. – Anne Johnson, Vice President of Student Affairs


On this Veteran’s Day, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for the military community and their families. Your sacrifices have protected many, and provided freedom to our country, thank you for your commitment and dedication to our country.

It is crucial for us, as a society and as institutions of higher education, to acknowledge and support our military community not just on this day but every day. Many veterans face unique challenges when transitioning to civilian life, and we are committed to providing opportunities, understanding, and a welcoming community on our campuses. – Laina Carlson, Human Resources Director


Thank you for serving our Country. The sacrifices you and your families have made do not go unnoticed, and we are proud to have you as a member of the DCTC Community. – Nicole Meulemans, Director of Student Support Services/Student Development


Thank you for your service to our country and for all the sacrifices you have made as a result of your service. I am grateful for your courage and integrity. It is because of you that I live in peace and with the freedoms I have. Thank you. You are not forgotten this Veterans Day. – Anna Voight, Associate Director of Student Life


Thank you for everything you have done for our country.  Your service is greatly appreciated. – Heather Kleimola-Hulbert, General Tutor


Thank you all for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for our country. – Megan Petersen, TRIO/SSS Advisor


Thank you to all our campus service members for the time, energy, commitment you’ve shown….not just today but every day! – Melissa Fletcher, Director, Educational Access and Disability Resources


I want to thank all of our Veterans for your service! I truly appreciate what you have done for our country! – Kerry Lurken, Admissions Representative


Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifices you have made. I appreciate your commitment to our community. – Aria Kronebusch, Academic and Financial Aid Advisor


Thank you all for your selfless service to this country. – Torry Jeranek, HVAC/R Instructor


Dear Veteran, I salute your courage, your honor, and most of all, your sacrifice. Please accept this special “thank you” from one American who truly appreciates your willingness to serve our country ~ and what it cost you. – Diane Frandrup, Registration Coordinator


Thank you for having the courage to defend our freedom. I appreciate your commitment to our country, your individual communities, and making the sacrifice to leave the security of your homes for the unknown… Absolute bravery. God bless you!!! – Dorothy Rohweder, Public Safety Officer


Thank you for serving in our armed forces.  I appreciate your work to keep the USA strong and free. – Kate McMenomy, Science Tutor/Lab Manager


Thank you for your service to our wonderful country! Your sacrifices have allowed me freedom to live happy and healthy. My appreciation and gratitude are with you always! – Cheryl, Admissions Specialist


Thank you Vets for selflessly serving and bearing your share of hardships for our freedom. – Kyle, Instructor


Thank you for your service and sacrifice! – Kristen Pahl, Front Desk Coordinator


Thank you for all that you do!  The struggles that you face, that your family faces while you are helping to defend our country, you can’t be appreciated enough.  Thank you for your service! – Karalyn, 3rd Party Coordinator


Thank you for serving and protecting us and sacrificing your life for our freedom!! We honor you!! – Kari Sykora, General maintenance worker


Thank you for your sacrifices and tireless service to the United States! You have my respect, prayers, and immense gratitude! – Elaine Geogleris, Admissions Representative


“Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” – Michel de Montaigne

Thank you for all you have courageously given so that we all can live within courageous freedom~

Nancy K., ECYD


A special thank you to our veterans who serve our country and protecting our rights and freedoms. Keep it up. Making America a better place. – Ali Hassan, Student. Exercise and Sports Science


Thank you for doing something I could never do. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication to our safety <3 – Anonymous


Thank you for everything that you do for this country, without our vets we would be nothing, so hears to all of you!! – Jacob Escalera, Student


Thank you for your service! I appreciate you greatly. Hope you have a nice day. – Reid Bradley, Heavy Equipment Technology


Thank you for your service – Caleb Keenan, Electrician


Thank you for your service you are greatly appreciated. – Austin Smith, Electrical Construction


Thanks for your service, We appreciate you! – Blake, Electrical Maintenance and Construction


Thank you for your service, and all you have done and continue to do for our Country. – Anna, Graphic Design


Thank you for serving us! – Saw Dah, Technician


To all the veterans for DCTC, a special thank you for your service. – Nuch Clarke


On this Veterans Day, I would like to express my gratitude for all who have served. I am eternally grateful for all you have done and forever indebted to you all for the sacrifices you have made in the name of Freedom. Your efforts will never go unseen in my eyes, and I am proud to support you. – Kai, Auto Body Collision Technology


Thank you all for everything you’ve done! We know the sacrifices you’ve made to serve our country haven’t been easy, so please know how much we appreciate you, and we are eternally grateful for your service. – Anonymous


Thank you for yourself! – Jahlaya, Student ambassador


Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country. We are grateful for your commitment! – Bethany Mejia-Elias, Lead student ambassador


Thank you for your sacrifice, DCTC appreciates you for everything you’ve done for us 🙂 – Jarred VanHorn, Architectural Technology and Technical Management


I am a student in the United States, and the most important lesson I keep learning is how much we, the people, take for granted in our country. Your hard work, along with all the people working for our country, is often unrecognized and underappreciated. Thank you for being part of the cooperative effort infrastructure that is the foundation of our country. – Alexis Nordling, Medical Coding


Thank you to everyone who has served for our country! – Matt Reinardy, Software Development


Thank you for your service!!! – Adam Schneider, Construction management


Thank you for the great service you’ve provided for the country. Have a great veteran’s day! – Anonymous


Dear Veterans, I truly appreciate the freedom that you have given to us and our country as a whole. Y’all are putting in work so we can live the lives we choose. Your hard work is so appreciated and we hope you continue to strive to protect this country with the aid of the community. – Keviair Adams


Thank you for all you do, your sacrifices, long nights and constant efforts. – Jager, Business Administration


Every meal we say a prayer and thank our Lord for those protecting our borders and communities. We pray for an ending to the wars in Ukraine and Israel. We thank you for your service! – Craig, Exercise Science


Thank you so much for serving our country. – America – America Fitch, Individualized studies.


Thank you for the sacrifice you’ve made. – Nahom kebede, Student. Software development


Thank you for your service – Carlos Jimenez Aguilar, LPN


I’m appreciating what you did, do, and doing right now. God bless u . – Hussein, Student


Thank you for your service – Nyikway, Student


Thank you SO much for your service; it is MUCH appreciated!!! – Writing Tutor


Happy Veterans Day, DCTC military community! Thank you all for your service! – Luke Mettlach, Networking Administration student


Hi, Veterans ,I really appreciate you fighting for this country. Your bravery and passion for this country is amazing. You are awesome people to fight for your others in this country. – Andrew Stromme, I am a student. I study electrical construction


Thank you for bearing the burdens that most people cannot. We need you. – G, Vet tech


? – Kenny


We are grateful for all you’ve done and continue to do in providing peace and security for our country.  Patriots you are and pray God grants all of you heart desires. Long live our veterans – Gregory Gbee, Student ambassador




Please know we are thinking of you this Veterans Day and thank you for your service to our country.


The DCTC Student Senate

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