• Target Field Scores a Green Bull’s-Eye

    Arch Tech and Interior Design Students Visit LEED Silver Sports Facility Accompanied by faculty members, Beverly Claybrook and Anne Farniok, students from the Architectural Technology and Interior Design programs at Dakota County

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  • More Student Projects

    The final projects are rolling in and the students should feel very proud of what they have accomplished in one semester. Here are two very different interior views from the student-designed houses. In his, Chris Engleby has

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  • Student Projects

    The semester is winding down and the first-year students are wrapping up their first semester in the program.  I’m dying to show off their work, so as their final projects come in, I will post samples.  It is really fun

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  • The Expanding Job Bank

    Two years ago, the AIA Minnesota Job Bank was virtually empty.  Today, new jobs are being posted daily.  Keep up with the growing profession at AIA Minnesota.  And check out the live job bank here:

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  • Future High-Speed Rail Between Rochester and Minneapolis

      Zip Rail

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    Each quarter, the American Institute of Architects published the ABI or Architectural Billing Index which tracks the amount of work that architects around the country are billing out.  Historically, the ABI has served as a great

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      One of the many technological revolutions in architecture today is the capacity for rapid prototyping through a seamless integration of design software and manufacturing.  In year two, we explore the capabilities and

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    In the second year of your architectural technology experience at DCTC, you will unleash the power of Vray, an incredibly realistic rendering engine.  Architectural visualization, or archviz, is a rapidly emerging industry. 

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  • USGBC Student Chapter

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  • Is It Really Green?

    Starbucks’ LEED certified drive-through coffee shop in Colorado makes one wonder if it is truly “green”.  On the surface it would appear to be a good example of sustainable building since it is built from

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