• The Pumpkin Challenge

    Second year students accepted the Pumpkin Challenge to carve a pumpkin that was structurally robust. Pumpkins were scored on two factors: 1) they were all given a score of the percent of weight of each pumpkin that was removed,

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  • DCTC Partners with HAFA Via Service-Learning

    January 21, 2015 • News • Views: 3200

  • The Home and Garden Show

    Stop by our booth at the Home and Garden Show from February 27th through March 3rd!  Meet faculty and students from the program and learn more about the range of possibilities in at DCTC architectural technology degree.  For

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    After three short weeks, the Architectural Technology students have made extraordinary progress in Revit.  Revit is quickly becoming the industry standard for how buildings are designed and documented.  It is the most advanced

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    A colleague of mine in the building world once told me that the best economic indicator of the building industry is the amount of jobs available in the architecture profession.  if he’s right, then the near future is

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  • USGBC Student Group LEEDs the Way

    Campus Sustainable Learning Center Focus of Regional Design Competition 2012 USGBC Natural Talent Design Competition | 1st place design: H. S. Well Design Group from the University of Wisconsin–Madison Formed in spring 2011 by

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  • Another Student Project

    Here are two interior views of the beautiful home designed by Colleen Tejano this semester.

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  • Target Field Scores a Green Bull’s-Eye

    Arch Tech and Interior Design Students Visit LEED Silver Sports Facility Accompanied by faculty members, Beverly Claybrook and Anne Farniok, students from the Architectural Technology and Interior Design programs at Dakota County

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  • More Student Projects

    The final projects are rolling in and the students should feel very proud of what they have accomplished in one semester. Here are two very different interior views from the student-designed houses. In his, Chris Engleby has

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  • Student Projects

    The semester is winding down and the first-year students are wrapping up their first semester in the program.  I’m dying to show off their work, so as their final projects come in, I will post samples.  It is really fun

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