Is It Really Green?

Published on: October 22, 2012

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Is it Green?

Starbucks’ LEED certified drive-through coffee shop in Colorado makes one wonder if it is truly “green”.  On the surface it would appear to be a good example of sustainable building since it is built from reclaimed materials sourced from within a 500-mile radius of the building’s location. But it is in a location that encourages the use of cars which seems to contradict the intention to be green.

“The green building boom has evolved to the point where questioning whether or not to retrofit the ideas behind these buildings rather than simply the structures themselves has come into play.

Green building is about much more than energy efficiency or renewable energy. It is about promoting a an ideology and lifestyle process, and that is not something that can simply be squeezed into the mold of every traditional mainstream construct.”

By Emily D’Alterio

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