Living Roof Pod

Published on: February 26, 2012

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These aren’t the green roofs that are commonly referred to as living roofs. This is a portable pod that can be lived in on top of roof tops (or any other desired location).

Nau Architects have released a self sustainable concept that they call the Living Roof. It is  a compact design that can adjust to your needs, where the “function ring” rotates depending on your desired use. From a bed, to an office, to a lounge area. The unit was made to be portable and able to be off the grid.

The pod collects rain water and has a filtration system to purify it for drinkable water, as well as cleaning or bathing. It collects solar energy through it’s photovoltaic shell, while any unused energy is stored to battery cells for later use. There are wind turbines at either end of the pod, which ventilates the interior space while funneling rainwater to its collectors. The turbines also contribute to generating electricity for the home.

The living roof is  directed more toward hotels for a luxury suite, but the pod would make a desirable home or cabin for anyone wanting comfort without sacrificing our environment to do so. The main drawback with the design would be transporting the unit, as to place it on a rooftop could require air lifting, which is not environmentally conscientious.

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