Living Walls

Published on: February 8, 2012

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As green design becomes more common and sought after, a beautiful living wall has many advantages. For starters, it is physically appealing to the eye. Different plants can be used to create images, logos, or just an attractive compilation of greenery.

This image is from the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. headquarters in Pittsburgh. It is a  soil-based wall at 2,380 sq. ft. in size, consisting of 602 panels that are 2′ x 2′.

The benefits of green walls are as abundant as green roofs. They reduce the heat island affect given off in urban environments, filter the water that runs through the plants, helps control the indoor temperature of the buildings, and absorbs noise.

The Ann Demeulemeester Shop in Seoul (below) has an exterior living wall, and well as interior green walls. Use of bamboo and other natural sustainable materials are also used.
There are multiple ways to produce living walls. Some can grow on the structure, on trellises, or in their own panels or pots. They give a natural, earthy feel with unlimited options for artistic designs and customization.



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