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Published on: January 19, 2012

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Will wall coverings make a comeback? There are new reasons to consider wallpaper as an option. As far as “sick building syndrome” goes, trying to get rid of toxins can be a difficult task. In older buildings, it can be a common issue.

A new type of wall paper has been developed by the German company Blucher Technologies, which absorbs many hazardous pollutants, such as radon, pesticides, PCB’s (polychlorinated bipheny), formaldehyde, and other toxins (as well as odors). The product is called Saratech Permasorb.

The wall paper is a “breathable, glass fiber/polyester nonwoven paper-like covering” with tiny black spheres that act as absorbers.

This provides a great solution to an issue that is hard to combat. A healthier home with the benefit of a fresh smelling atmosphere is reason alone to take another look at wallpaper over a new coat of paint the next time you decide to redecorate a room.

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