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Published on: December 11, 2011

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It’s wonderful when your home is “off the grid”, where it relies on itself and takes care of its occupants. People have become accustomed to living with electricity and sewage, going to supermarkets to buy the food we eat (which a lot is grown from hundreds of miles away), and many other amenities.

What if you didn’t have to pay for electricity? Or drink city water, which has a laundry list of chemicals added to it? And what if you got free, fresh food, without having to leave your home? Trying to change a way of life that has become the norm can be an interesting challenge. Yet when it improves a person’s way of life, saves them money, and is more helpful to our environment than the way we live today, it’s a challenge once should be jumping to take.

The design below harvests its own  rain water, uses a green wall to filter waste, has a green roof to grow food, as well as collects its own energy from the sun and wind.

The team that produced this design consisted of: Cornelia Bailey, Tanushree Bhat, Marilee Bowles Carey, Anthony Caspary, Eric Diamond, Xiaonan Huang, Reenu John, Na Rae Kim, Paolo Korre, Eugene Limb, Hsin-Cheng Lin, Miguel Angel Martinez, Nikhil Mathew, Elise Metzger, Mahdieh Salimi, Kshitij V. Sawant, Owen Schoppe, Jessica Striebich, Hannah Swart, Traci Thomas, Helen Tong, Sally Wong, Yixiu Wu, HyeKyung Yoo and Gene Young of IIT Institute of Design.

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