Creating a Mobile Office

Published on: April 19, 2017

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What is a mobile office? A mobile office allows you to take your work wherever you go. It usually entails that you keep things linked up for easy access and sharing. Generally to run a mobile office you need to operate on a wireless device such as a laptop, tablet, etc. If you are considering setting up a mobile office, here are some pros and cons to aid you in your decision:

Pros of a mobile office:

  1. Accessibility –Having a mobile office means that you are able to access your data anywhere, making it easy to quickly amend a document or get information out to a co-worker or business correspondent.
  2. Cut overhead costs –Since you are able to work from home or on the go, that means you are not required to rent an office space. If you choose to, that space does not need to be large because it does not have to be used as an everyday workspace.
  3. Flexibility –You are able to spend more hours out of the physical office because your work is mobilized. This makes it easy to attend more social events or run errands if needed.

Cons of a mobile office:

  1. Security –When working from a mobile office it is best to make sure you are on your own secure connection, such an air card with data plan purchased from your wireless provider. Often free public Wi-Fi spots are not secure, so your data can be easily compromised.
  2. Boundaries— Convenience is a major attribute to having a home or mobile workspace, but it also allows others to get ahold of you easier. Therefore, others may infringe on your personal time easier without knowing.
  3. Extras— You may need to switch your supplementary devices over to wireless to accommodate your office being mobile. This makes it easier for you to transport and sync devices, but wireless may be a pricier option.

There are many options for office workspace; choosing the correct one to suit your needs is essential. If you consistently find yourself on the run, you may want to consider a mobile workspace.

Submitted by: Sydney Gordon Boe

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4 Responses to Creating a Mobile Office

  1. Aigerim says:

    interesting ideas!

  2. Susan Garcia says:

    It seems that it is becoming more and more important to be able to set up a mobile office that can function from anywhere. Having the tools needed and available can be a financial cost that may be unexpected but in the long run with the amount of time it saves you it’s worth it.

  3. Kaycee Welch says:

    I currently have a “mobile” office, and I love it! However, I do agree with your last con–extras. There are often times that I am getting all set up and then I remember that I didn’t grab this, or I forgot that.

  4. Tanta Horning says:

    A mobile office can be wonderful for individuals with a lot going on; it is not for everyone I suppose, you have to be able to dedicate yourself to the job at hand.

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