Workforce Age Diversity

Published on: March 22, 2017

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Recently I read an article about age diversity in the workplace. It was of interest to me because I’m neither old nor young and I wondered where my age would benefit me in my search for employment.

There are several workforce laws available to support both young and older generations of workers, making it ever more apparent many employers are beginning to see the advantages of a mixed-age work force. Because there are differing work ethic aspects between generations there are more opportunities for growth on the job. The following list shows workforce generations and characteristics:


  • Matures or Traditionalists (1928-1942)
    • Loyalty, hard work, and respect for authority
  • Baby Boomers (1943-1964)
    • Excellent communication, teamwork, and personal development.
  • Generation X (1964-1980)
    • Self-reliant, skilled at working independently, and comfortable with modern concepts such as racial, gender, sexual diversity, and modern technologies.
  • Millennials (1981-2004)[1]
    • Comfort with diversity, technology, civic duty, and social responsibility.

Millennials are the newest addition to the workforce generation and have ushered in the greatest of modern technologies as well as a removal of the dividing line between work and home time. Telecommuting, cell phones, and laptops have made it easy to always be available to work.

The benefits of age diversity in the workforce only enhances the pool of various skills and strengths people are capable to share. Today we have employees with traditional ideas of the work place and those who see beyond the office with the ability to market modern technologies remotely. Potentially, employees learn skills from each other; not just from a project perspective but also from a personal and social aspect.

The workforce is rapidly changing from the effects of the modern world; modifying practices to keep up with this fast pace. Older generations being more fit and healthier now work well beyond what was the standard retirement time while younger generations expect employers to be socially responsible, earth friendly, and involved not just locally but globally.

Entering the workforce can be challenging; however, I learned from this article that knowing companies with healthy age diversity offers opportunity for this Gen Xer to gain knowledge from my Mature, Baby Boomer, and younger Millennial co-workers.

Submitted by: Susan Garcia



3 Responses to Workforce Age Diversity

  1. Aigerim says:

    very informative! thank you!

  2. Jessica W says:

    I thought the list of characteristics of each generation in a workplace is great information to remember.
    Good job, Susan!

  3. Tanta says:

    Really nice blog, Susan! As I read this, it brought me back to my last job, after we all received news of our layoff. Many of us worked at least 30 years (so you can guess the age ranges), many also thought companies would not want to hire them because of our age. This assumption was wrong for the fact there was an appreciation for the dedication to our jobs, as well as the valuable experience learned. There is value in all generations!

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