Important things to know before starting college

Published on: September 14, 2015

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For those students that are new to the college demands, you may find this article helpful. The top highlights are listed below:
1.It is ok to wait after high school before beginning college.
2.Instructors may be parents BUT NOT YOUR PARENTS! Their job is to teach you.
3.Being cool in high school is one thing! Do not worry about being COOL in college!
4.Go to meetings! Learning how to meet, interact with and establish relationships with new people is one of life’s most important skills and will be important in your job.
5.Invest in your instructors. They can be much more than talking heads. Some are worth establishing a relationship with.
6. Get a job.
7. Learn how to write.
8. College loans must be paid back! Understand ahead of time what you are signing.
9. Always go to class! If you want to succeed you must be present!
10. Connect with other students.

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