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Goodies | FashionClassroom


Looking for a good set of Fashion brushes, embellishments or even flat sketches? Check out our goodies page with loads of libraries, cheat sheets and more.

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UX dilemmas – should we use a button or a link? | Blonde Digital

The question of whether to use a button or a link seems small. But what starts as a simple UX design problem can create more discussion than you thought possible, and open up a visual design and development can of worms.

Whether you’re a UX designer or just someone who wants to know more about the thought process behind choosing between buttons and links, you’ve come to the right place: let’s have a look at what, if anything, can help provide clarity and guidance on when and where we use what.

We can start by thinking about what we mean when we say a ‘button’.

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Awesome Websites for Free Stock Images

Awesome Websites for Free Stock Images.

Top 10 Things to Test If Your Website is User Friendly

While many people understand the power of simple and elegant design, when it comes to making your business website. Making it extremely easy to use for people is all the more important. Because if they can not easily find their way around on your website, they will simply run to your competitors. Therefore making a conscious effort to make your website easy to use is more important than ever.

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Designers are Boring — Dear Design Student — Medium

Q: What are the best ways to participate in the digital design community online? I want to find inspiration in the work my peers are doing.

Here’s a thing that I do when I feel stuck at work: I open a new tab and go to Designer News, or my Medium feed, or whatever else, and I settle on a likely-looking link to click. Then I skim it, and mentally file it in one of several categories:

A technical treatise urging me to replace some part of what I do with more Javascript

A breathless recommendation for a prototyping tool, of which there are roughly six dozen apparently equivalent competitors

An article that tells me I don’t understand design unless I’ve seen all the right documentaries

A case study of somebody’s app, resplendent with artfully skewed and zoomed screenshots — or better yet, animated GIFs — of lovely, thoughtful UI elements

An in-joke

And then I decide I’m not that stuck, so I close the tab and go back to work.

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javascript demos on pt, form and line – way cool

Pt — A code experiment on point, form, and space.


A Free WordPress Theme from CyberChimps – DealFuel | DealFuel

Its a sweet sound to ears when you hear, something is free of cost.

What could be a better way to justify that, than providing you with a free WordPress theme?

Not just a normal WordPress theme, but one that has over 1.5 million downloads and still counting.

Yes, you read that right.

Today, we bring you Responsive. A WordPress theme that is known for its powerful design and flexibility and is loved by millions.

By the name, you must have already guessed that it is a responsive theme but along with that, the theme also provides you with some premium features such as a fluid and stackable grid system that keeps your hands free of any messy coding.

(And Oh! You guessed that right.)

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Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop eBook Deal of the Week | Adobe Press

Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop

By Scott Valentine

eBook Deal of the Week

List Price: $35.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You Save 58%

Adjustment and fill layers are the building blocks of many techniques in Photoshop. Photographers, illustrators, and other digital artists use them for tasks ranging from the subtle to the outrageous. While these tools can appear to be straightforward, they form a foundation of powerful capabilities for creativity and image editing that give you amazing detail-level control.

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Anime Studio Webinars – Smith Micro

Upcoming Anime Studio WebinarIntroduction to Anime Studio Pro 11 for Animators with Mike CliftonTitle: Introduction to Anime Studio Pro 11 for AnimatorsPresented By: Mike Clifton, Original Creator of Anime StudioDate: Thursday, September 24, 2015Time: 11:00AM PDTDescription: Already animating with Toon Boom, Flash or another animation program and looking for an alternative? Let us show you why Anime Studio Pro 11 is a fast, affordable and easy-to-use alternative. Join Mike Clifton, Creator of Anime Studio, in this 1-hour webinar as he gives you a quick tour of the Anime Studio Pro 11 interface and walks you through several of the key features. Mike will also give you a quick rundown of how the animation process works for both the frame-by-frame and bone rigged systems in Anime Studio Pro 11. The webinar will conclude with a brief Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered.

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3 Habits to create steady income year-round |

One of the biggest problems any freelancer experiences is unpredictable cashflow. One month brings in a truckload, while the next you are struggling to buy toilet paper.

Budgeting becomes impossible. Life becomes chaotic.

Every time you have a windfall, you’re afraid to treat yourself in fear of not being able to make it through an upcoming dry spell.

But there is hope!

You’ll still experience the normal ups and downs of freelance life, but it’s less likely you’ll run out of work by practicing these 3 good habits.

After over a decade of freelancing, these are the most important habits for my business:

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