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5 Simple Video Production Pro Tips |

5 Must Know Video Production PRO TIPS. Ever wonder what makes you a pro? Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Here are 5 Simple things to help you on your journey.

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Ask these 5 questions to weed out bad clients early on – Graphic Design Blender

You get a call from a potential client and set up a meeting. You spend at least 2 hours prepping, traveling, and actually meeting. Then you spend more time carefully preparing the proposal.

Then you wait. And you don’t hear back.

So you follow up and still get nothing.

Finally, you hear:

“We’ve decided to work with another firm” or

“The department head didn’t approve the budget” or

“The project has been put on hold” or

“We’ve decided to do it in house”

Heartache. Wasted time. Inefficiency.

Can you do better? Can you waste less time on prospects that aren’t a good fit for your business?


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Photoshelter Webinar: Boost your SEO: 8 Tips To Get You Started

We get it: Search Engine Optimization can seem complicated, and you probably want to throw in the towel on the whole thing if you’ve tried time and again to start showing up on the first page of Google search results. Fortunately, for those who feel a little lost we’ve broken down easy tips and tricks you can do to build your SEO in our recent guide, SEO for Photographers, and we’re hosting a live Google Hangout with tips from it next week, April 29th at 2pm ET. In this live Google Hangout, Allen Murabayashi will be showing examples of photographer websites with good SEO practice, the inner workings of Google Analytics, how to create a free Google Business listing and more.

In this hour Allen will cover:

How to make sure your site appears properly in Search Engine Result Pages

The importance of mobile friendly sites

How/where you can “link to yourself” to boost your SEO

Creating a keyword list

How to perform backlink analysis

How PhotoShelter can boost your SEO

Join us to get ahead in the SEO game, Thursday 4/29, 2pm ET. Register below to receive an email with the link to the Google Hangout.

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7 Career Tips To Make You Tougher And More Confident

Another day, another roundup of motivational career advice to jump start your week! In an effort to make Mondays slightly more bearable, Creative Live is rounding up our favorite job tips from experts in every field –– be it art, design, fashion or business. Whether you’re embarking on a new career or happy in your current one, everyone needs the occasional kick-in-the-pants when it comes to getting motivated –– get inspired by the words of wisdom below so you’re ready to dive into your work week!

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Get Over a Fear Gradually by Turning it Into An Everyday Habit

We all have fears that hinder us in life. Not necessarily fears like spiders or heights, but things like speaking up for ourselves, practicing a skill, or letting someone else care. To get past these fears, turn into a habit.

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Self-Taught, Self-Made: In Defense of Autodidacticism

It used to be that the best way to get ahead professionally was to either know a lot of people, go to a really elite school or, preferably, both. Alumni networks ruled everything, and, your parents might have told you, the only way to succeed was to go to a good college, then get a good job. Period. But more and more, workers are going it alone — and making it.

They’re becoming more financially independent from employers by providing their own income, benefits, and even workspaces (hello, working from home), as well as by seeking out their own educational opportunities. Though rates of degrees from traditional schools are going up, so is debt — and with it, interest in education that doesn’t come with such a giant price-tag. Compounded with the relatively new expectation by employers that for workers to be both traditionally skilled and media literate, creative, and generally proficient at a lot of things, it seems that one of the smartest things to do to ensure job security  is to learn a lot, and learn it for cheap.

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4 Must-Use Tools for Brainstorming Your Next Project

I’ve done everything to avoid writing the next scene in my book. I’ve gone for walks, reorganized my closet, even deep cleaned the oven—all in an effort to avoid making a big decision. After all, the next paragraph I write could be the very paragraph that destroys my entire book.Whatever passion you’re pursuing in life, chances are you occasionally get stuck. You’re expected to come up with brilliant ideas but the more you think, the more your brain seems to freeze. With all of this technology, there has to be an easier way. Fortunately, there is. The next time you’re drawing a blank, take a brainstorming break. It’s more fun than deep cleaning the oven and your creative project will benefit from it. These tech tools for brainstorming can help you with the process.

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Beautiful & Sophisticated Waterlily Typeface for Free – DealFuel | DealFuel

Waterlily flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. So, why not a complete typeface based on this lovely flower?

Yes, today we bring you a beautiful and sophisticated typeface for free: The Waterlily Typeface.

Waterlily is a new hand written font for 2015. It has that fresh feel to it, which makes it a desirable font when you want to make your text adorable.

This typeface includes over 80 different hand drawn characters for a range of languages and dialects.

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Pexels · Free high quality stock photos

Best free stock photos in one place. Learn More

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Another great resource if you’re looking for videos to remix, transform and build on for any purpose (even commercially) is Mazwai. All the videos there are downloadable and under an attribution license (CC BY 3.0); all you’re kindly asked to do is give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. Bookmarked! (il) –  smashing magazine