Well Cultured: Probiotics may be popular- but are they right for you?

Published on: July 2, 2014

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Most of the bacteria cells hanging out in the digestive system are ‘friendly’; they extract nutrients from the diet and boost immunity by fighting off germs. Scientists suspect that each person can harbor more than 500 different kinds of bacteria species; no two people’s gut bacteria are the same. Most of these bacteria coexist harmoniously but can be affected by illness, stress and even antibiotic use. Some experts believe that consuming probiotics in either food or supplement form can help improve or maintain health. ¬†Kicking out the digestive system’s unwanted guest. can alleviate depression, assist with weight loss and reduce the duration and some symptoms of illnesses. Be warned that much of the research on probiotic use is yet to be done.

Check out this article by Maria Masters in July 2014 familycircle.com to determine how to choose a probiotic supplement. One needs to seek out specific strains, pay attention to packaging and be your own judge by monitoring improvement of symptoms.

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  1. Scott Glime says:

    Hi Margaret. Do you have the link to the article in Family Circle you can post? My brother has been suggesting I look into probiotics and I’d be very interested in reading this.