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Can Do Canines and Free Pizza – What Could Be Better?

The Lions Club is inviting all students, staff, faculty, and friends to join us on Wednesday, March 25 at 1:00 p.m. for a presentation on the talents and training of service dogs. They’re amazing! We will be offering free pizza, too! The presentation is in the Dakota Room on the DCTC campus.

can do canines

DCTC Lions win 2015 Presidents’ Student Leadership Award

Congratulations to the DCTC Lion’s Club on winning the 2015 Presidents’ Student Leadership Award by the Minnesota Campus Compact. The awards ceremony will be on April 16 at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. We had to move our annual Chili Cook Off to April 23 to be there for the Summit and Awards Ceremony. Way to go, Lions! We rock and roar! lions logo 3

The Bed Race at Buck Hill

Join 6 DCTC Lions as they compete on Saturday, March 7, at the annual Bed Race for Bridging event at Buck Hill. All proceeds go to supporting Bridging, Inc. The race begins at 5:00 p.m. There is a free shuttle that will pick you up at the Sears parking lot at the Burnsville Mall. DCTC Lions Club is registered and ready to rock and roll!bed race

Lions to Polar Plunge on Feb 28

polar 2015

Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans

Teens for Jeans


DCTC is partnering with Aeropostal to collect jean of all sizes to give to to those in need! Starting February 2nd you can drop of your gently used jeans at the drop off locations at DCTC. Last year we collected over 50 pairs of jeans and we want to beat that this year!

Contact Nanci Al-Kordi with any questions you might have at


Spring 2015 Lions Board of Directors

I'm a Lion. Just ask!

I'm a Lion. Just ask!

Congratulations new DCTC Lions Board of Directors!

President: Jeff Germundsen

Vice President: Todd Keppers

Secretary: Jenna Phillips

Treasurer: Keither Prichett

Marketing Director: Whitney Bunce

Tail Twister: Megan Scherado


We Rock and ROAR!

Student Life Fair

Top left to right:
Brett Kolles, Jeff Germundsen, Megan Scherado.
Bottom left to right:
Keith Prichett, Whitney Bunce, Jenna Phillips, Annette Keenan.

Top left to right: Brett Kolles, Jeff Germundsen, Megan Scherado. Bottom left to right: Keith Prichett, Whitney Bunce, Jenna Phillips, Annette Keenan.

Get Involved!

If you missed the Student Life Fair, it’s not too late to get involved with the DCTC Lions! You can contact Brett Kolles at with any questions you may have!

Not sure you want to become a Lions? Don’t worry, there is no obligation. You can attend the events of your choice and even make a volunteer event happen! Have a volunteer idea? Let Brett or any of the other Lions Know and we can help you lead the idea into a successful reality!

General Lions Meetings (Any and all Lions and perspective Lions can attend)

Wednesday February 11, 2015 @ 1:00pm Room 2-603

Wednesday March 4, 2015 @ 1:00pm Room 2-603

Wednesday April 8, 2015 @ 1:00pm 2-601

Board Member Meetings

Wednesday February 18, 2015 @ 1:30pm Room 2-603

Wednesday March 25, 2015 @ 2:00pm (after Can Do Canines) 2-601

Wednesday April 15, 2015 @ 1:30pm 2-601



Cards for Hospitalized Kids: Community Service Event!

cards for hospitalized kidsCards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards. It distributes handmade cards to hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation. Over 40,000 kids in hospitals in all 50 states have received cards. We believe this is just the beginning. We hope you will get involved and help us brighten the days of as many hospitalized kids as possible.

How do you make a card?

1. Gather up some supplies! 
You can make a card with simply crayons and paper, or you can gather a bunch of supplies. It is entirely up to you. You are welcome to use craft supplies, such as: stickers, stamps, etc., so long as it is not excessive to the point of falling/rubbing off (this can create health concerns for some kids). This is especially important when using glitter. Rubbing your finger across the glitter, stamp ink etc., to ensure that none or little comes off, is typically a sufficient way to tell if it is excessive. 

2. Addressing the card:
Since we do not yet know the child’s name, please make sure you do not address the card to a specific person. 

If you want to address the card, here are some suggestions:

  • “Hey there”
  • “Hey you!”
  • “To: a very special person”

3. Writing on/in the of the card 
At the request of hospitals, we ask that you not write “Get well”, “Feel Better” or other illness related comments. This is very important because some patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive and/or terminal.  

Rather, we recommend that you write uplifting messages such as: 

  • Stay strong
  • You are awesome
  • Never forget how amazing YOU are
  • You rock
  • I hope you have a great day today
  • You shine brighter than the sun
  • You inspire me
  • Be Brave
  • I believe in YOU

These messages focus on the child as a whole, rather than their illness, which is important, according to Child Life Specialists. You can also come up with your own uplifting comments. 

 Make sure that you do not…
-  Include any personal information, such as: phone number, address, email address etc. Hospitals will not allow us to distribute cards with this information.

- Write any religious comments such as “God Bless” or “I’m praying for you”. Hospitals do not allow us to distribute cards with these comments. Hospitals treat patients of all religions as well as patients that do not practice religion, which is why they do not allow this.

5. Sign your name:
Now, sign your first name on the card. (Please do not sign your last name). If you wish to, you can also sign your state, such as “Katie from Nebraska”, or organization such as “Girl Scouts”. 

6. Lastly, mail out the cards:
Cards for Hospitalized Kids
7290 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631

**Students @ DCTC: We can hand deliver YOUR CARDS to the MNAEYC-MNSACA Conference next week (they’re collecting them also). Please drop them off at DCTC in room 2-206 by Jan. 28th!

DCTC Lions Club

I'm a Lion. Just ask!

I'm a Lion. Just ask!

The Lions held their first meeting of the semester today but if you missed it, don’t worry! There will be plenty of meetings and projects going on through out the semester!

Not sure if you want to become a lion? Stop by the Lions table at the Student Life Fair on Wednesday, January 28th from 11:30-1:30 In the commons area at DCTC! Current lions will be there to answer any questions you may have about the club. Can’t wait to see you all there!

If you can’t make it to the Student Life Fair, you can always contact Brett Kolles via email at with any questions or ideas.

Welcome the New DCTC Lions Club Board!

Congratulations, Lions Club Board of Directors for Spring Semester 2015!

The election results for the 2015 Spring Semester Lions Club Board of Directors are as follows:

Jeff Germundsen
Todd Keppers
Whitney Bunce
Jenna Phillips
Megan Scherado
Keith Pritchett
lions new logo