• New titles

    Please see this spreadsheet of the new books and videos we added to our collection in October and November. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

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  • Heating bill assistance from the govt.

    The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) helps pay income elibigle home heating costs and provides limited emergency help with furnace repair and replacement. The Weatherization Assistance Program helps income qualifed people weatherize their homes. Find full information from the Minnesota Office of Energy Security.

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  • Credo Reference instructional videos

    Credo Reference recently created two new instructional videos, as described on the Credo Reference Blog. One video explains how to use Credo’s Concept Map (a data visualization tool) and the other explains how to use the “Find a Book” feature.

    Concept Map Video

    Find a Book Video

    Each video is about two minutes long, so check them out!

    Update: Credo has added Keyword Searching and Advanced Search videos.

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  • Prisoner reentry

    Check out the latest CQ Researcher report on prisoner reentry. What do you think? Can aid to ex-inmates significantly reduce recidivism?

    Katel, Peter. “Prisoner Reentry.” CQ Researcher Online 19, no. 42 (December 4, 2009): 1005-1028.

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  • Science and Children

    This month’s Gale PowerSearch featured publication is Science and Children, a professional journal on science and elementary education. Science and Children is published monthly by the National Science Teachers Association. You can search or browse the full text of all issues from September 1, 2005 to the present here. You can also sign up for e-mail alerts and subscribe to an RSS feed for this journal, so you’ll know as soon as new articles become available.

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  • Free magazine and journal issues

    2010 will be here soon and we need to discard old magazine and journal issues to make room for new ones. Please see this spreadsheet of the issues we’re getting rid of and contact Trina Bolton if you’d like any of them. Thanks!

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  • The value of a college education

    Check out the latest CQ Researcher report on the value of a college education. What do you think? Is a four-year degree the only path to a secure future?

    Billitteri, Thomas J. “The Value of a College Education.” CQ Researcher Online 19, no. 41 (November 20, 2009): 981-1004.

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  • Women in the military

    Check out the latest CQ Researcher report on women in the military. What do you think? Should combat roles be fully opened to women?

    Clemmitt, Marcia. “Women in the Military.” CQ Researcher Online 19, no. 40 (November 13, 2009): 957-980.

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  • Free books

    Please see the latest spreadsheet of Library discards and contact Trina Bolton if you’d like any of them.

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  • Films On Demand update

    Films On Demand has added 175 new titles this month. The new titles are:

    • Active Listening and Note-Taking
    • Administering Medications
    • Allergy Planet
    • Analyzing Fitness
    • Angola: The Curse of Oil
    • The Armenian Genocide-Educator’s Edition
    • Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds
    • Basic Care Procedures: Showering and Bed Bathing
    • Basic Techniques of Cake Decorating
    • Before the Alphabet
    • The Beginning Teacher
    • Behavior and Development: Two Baby on Board Case Studies
    • Bill Moyers Journal: Abraham Lincoln Revealed
    • Bill Moyers Journal: Change and a New Administration
    • Bill Moyers Journal: Expectations of the Obama Administration
    • Bill Moyers Journal: Religious Scholar Karen Armstrong
    • Bill Moyers Journal: United Steelworkers’ Leo Gerard / Earmark Abuse
    • Birth: A Baby on Board Case Study
    • The Birth of Israel
    • The Bitter Taste of Tea: A Journey into the World of Fair Trade
    • Black/White & Brown: Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka
    • Bloody Cartoons: Freedom of Expression and the Clash of Cultures
    • Bodies, Blood, and Ballistics: Forensics School, Part One
    • Bolivia: Partners, Not Masters
    • The Brendan Voyage
    • The Bridge at Midnight Trembles: Parkinson’s Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation
    • Business Studies: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
    • Cancer Pain: Easing the Agony
    • Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
    • Catching the Sun: The Physics of Solar Energy
    • Cells, Tissues, and Skin
    • Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Cinema Asia: Iran
    • The Circulatory System
    • The Civilians’ Story: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Clinical Impressions: Identifying Mental Illness
    • Coastal Dunes
    • Computer Networks
    • Conversation: The Delany Sisters
    • Coordination and Control: Animal Biology
    • Crime Scene Chronicles: Forensics School, Part Three
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
    • Cybercrime: World Wide War 3.0
    • Daycare: Psychological Impacts on Child Development
    • Designers Under Pressure: Digital Design
    • Digestion and Nutrition
    • Displaying Modern Art: The Tate Approach
    • Documenting the Face of America: Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI Photographers
    • Eating Disorders: Mind, Body, and Society
    • Empire of Evil? An Inside Look at Iranian Society
    • The End of a World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • The Endocrine System
    • Energy
    • Environmental Illness: Bad Chemistry
    • Eric Hobsbawm and Slovakian Nationalism
    • Espresso Coffee Service: Preparing and Serving Cafe-Style Coffee
    • Europe After the Fire: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Europe on the Brink: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Experimental Research Methods in Psychology
    • Exposing Sex in America: Community Concern or Municipal Intrusion?
    • Eyewitness Testimony: Psychological Aspects
    • Face to Face with Your Competition: Approaches to Group Interviews
    • Fantastic Voyage: Nanotechnology and Space-Age Medicine
    • Far East: Expeditions to Empires-Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Fasteners for Cabinet Making
    • Festival of Dreams
    • Fixing My Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Arrowsmith Program
    • Foods for Special Occasions
    • Forces and Motion
    • From Canines to Courtroom: Forensics School, Part Four
    • The Frontiers of Space: Mathematics During the Scientific Revolution
    • Genes and Cloning: The Science of Selective Breeding
    • Genetically Modified Crops: Hope vs. Hype
    • Genetics, Stem Cells, and Society: An Interview with Alan Trounson
    • The Genius of the East: Mathematics During the Middle Ages
    • Gerald Vizenor
    • Glacial Deposits
    • Goodbye Classroom, Hello Crime: Forensics School, Part Five
    • Gravitation
    • Great Cities: Rise of the Megalopolis
    • The Green Encyclopedia, Part 1: Environmental Innovations and Opportunities Video Clips
    • The Green Encyclopedia, Part 2: Environmental Concerns and Threats / Recycling and Alternative Energy Video Clips
    • HACCP in Action: Food Safety Case Studies
    • Hands-On Police Work: Forensics School, Part Two
    • Harold Bloom: Critic in the Active Voice
    • The Heart: Hope for the Human Engine
    • Heart of Darfur: Fighting an International Humanitarian Crisis
    • Heat: Dynamic Discoveries
    • High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos
    • HIV & Me: Medical Advances and Setbacks
    • Homo Futurus: A Challenge to Darwinian Thinking
    • Human Development and the Reproductive System
    • Ibsen: Hedda Gabler
    • The Immune System
    • Indigenous Peoples of Amazonia
    • Infants with Disabilities: A Baby on Board Case Study
    • Introducing Tobacco: Risks, Laws, and Habits
    • Introduction to Programming: Unlocking the Secrets
    • The Invisible Enemy: Weaponized Smallpox
    • Job Search in the 21st Century
    • Kingdom of Women: The Matriarchal Mosuo of China
    • La Paloma: The History and Mystery of the World’s Most Popular Song
    • A Leaf Blown on the Winds of History: China’s Last Emperor, Part One
    • Life at 3: Bad Behavior
    • Lights, Lines, and Heavy Fines
    • Long Journey into a Red Sunset: China’s Last Emperor, Part Two
    • The Lost Libraries of Timbuktu
    • Luigi Pirandello: In Search of an Author
    • Maintaining Mental Health
    • Manufacturing and the Product Cycle: A Case Study
    • Maxine Hong Kingston and the Road Back from Vietnam
    • Meaningful Activities for People with Dementia
    • Men of the World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Mental Disorder
    • Mesothelioma: The Hidden Threat
    • Metals
    • Mind/Brain/Machine: Connections Between Disciplines
    • The Mississippi River: Triumphant and Tragic
    • Natural Selection: Its Place in Today’s World
    • The Nature of Matter
    • The Nervous System and the Senses
    • Notations: A Composer’s Response to Crisis
    • Nutrition and Diet: A Baby on Board Case Study
    • Obedience and Ethics: Benefits and Costs of Psychological Conformity Studies
    • Out of the Blue: Strategies to Combat Teen Depression
    • The Periodic Table
    • Perspectives on Psychology
    • Philosophy for Children: Thinking Together
    • Plagiarism: What Do You Value?
    • Planet/Body: Healing on Both Levels
    • Planets, Stars, and Galaxies
    • The Politics of Belief: Protestantism and the State
    • Principles and Laws of Motion
    • Processes that Shape the Earth
    • Professor Regan’s Supermarket Secrets: Health Hype and Product Labels
    • Punishing Parents: Who Is Responsible for Delinquent Kids?
    • Quarks and the Universe: Murray Gell-Mann
    • A Reformation of the Mind: Protestantism and Western Culture
    • Researching, Reading, and Writing
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Responsibility Revolution
    • Roles and Responsibilities in IT
    • The Secret Life of Your Body Clock
    • Securing the Web
    • The Silent Killer: SARS
    • The Skeletal and Muscular Systems
    • The Social Toddler
    • The Spirit of Alexander the Great
    • Staging Classical Tragedy
    • States of Matter
    • Stem Cells: The Ethical Issues
    • Stress Management: Psychological Counseling
    • Studying and Test-Taking
    • Sustainability Considerations in Design
    • The Talking Picture: The Impact of Mass Media in Kenya, Mali, South Africa, and Uganda
    • Teen Violence
    • The Teen Years (Ages 13 to 18)
    • Television Media: Headlines or Hype?
    • Time Management
    • The Trees Have a Mother: Amazonian Cosmologies, Folktales, and Mystery
    • The Truth about Liars
    • The Truth About Violence
    • Tuvalu: Keeping Heads Above Water
    • Understanding Scientific Measurement
    • The U.S. Military: Waging Peace
    • Using a Load Tester
    • Values and Goals
    • A Vision of the World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
    • Why Are Thin People Not Fat?
    • Why Do We Dream?
    • The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306
    • Working with Pinter: A Master Class for the Stage
    • The Yangtze River: China’s Wild Lifeline
    • Young Criminals, Adult Punishment

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