• Free books

    Please see the latest spreadsheet of Library discards and contact Danielle if you’d like any of them. Most of these books are about graphic design, electricity, and motor vehicles.

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  • AccessScience update

    AccessScience has added lots of new content this month. There are new and updated articles on: Airship Fire and disturbance ecology Gravitational radiation Half-life HeLa cells Internal conversion New Research Reviews include:

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  • National Bullying Prevention Month

    October is National Bullying Prevention Month and October 19 is Unity Day. Wear orange this Wednesday to show your support for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. According to StopBullying.gov, kids who are bullied are more

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  • Computer Skills Center update

    LearningExpress Library has updated its Computer Skills Center with the following changes: Video courses have a new mobile-friendly interface that also makes captioning and transcripts available. There are new tutorials for

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  • English for Hmong and Somali speakers

    We’re very excited to announce that Mango Languages has added two new ESL/ELL courses for Hmong and Somali speakers. Did you know Minnesota has the second-largest Hmong population and the largest Somali population in the

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  • The Reference Shelf series

    If you’re looking for extensive, unbiased coverage of social issues and topics in the news, check out the Reference Shelf series. We currently have 26 titles (10 are also online) and we add six more every year. Topics

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  • Credo Reference Topic Pages

    Credo Reference is featuring the following Topic Pages this month:   Bram Stoker Buster Keaton Halloween Battle of Agincourt (1415) Pipeline Girl Scouts Dante Alighieri Credo Reference includes 801 reference ebooks and more

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  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the National Cancer Institute, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Learn more about the disease, its prevention, and

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  • Films On Demand update

    Films On Demand added 164 new videos in September, bringing our streaming video collection up to 45,474 titles. Take a look!  

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  • Free magazine and journal issues

    2017 will be here soon and we need to discard our oldest magazine and journal issues to make room for new ones. Please see this spreadsheet of discarded issues and contact Danielle if you’d like any of them.

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