• Make a List of People

    I read a lot.  And, whether the reading material of the moment is in print or online, I often make notes of information I can use later.  These notes are catalogued by topic, and I refer to the topic catalog frequently.  None

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  • The Fall Semester Kick-off Celebration Rocked!

    Thanks to the DCTC Hospitality Alumni Advisory Network for being the program’s glue AND thanks for starting each semester off with an event that welcomes new students, encourages visits of prospective students, and is a reunion

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  • Meetings = Business Success

    In my last post I cited that employers are hiring more than I have seen in many years.  I just received a notice from a hotel that has had a hiring freeze for many months and now they have several openings.  What has changed? 

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  • We're in the Top 10 of "America's Best Careers – Business and Finance"

    US News and World Reports ranked meeting planning one of Top 10 on the list of “America’s Best Careers 2010: Business and Finance”.  In 2007, CNN/Money Magazine ranked meeting planners 8th on the list of “Top 20 Jobs”

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  • Employment in Meetings and Events Increases

    As reported in the MPI June Business Barometer, the trend toward greater employment has been consistently improving since February, 2010.  Of note: From April, 2010 to June, 2010, full-time employment grew from 14% to 27% —

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  • "Green" is About to Get Greener

    The term “green” will have a lot more credibility in the meetings, events, and hospitality industry when the new Green Meetings and Events Standards are released later this month.   And, whether you work in the industry or

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  • Rewrite Your Career in a New Reality

    Recessionary woes have brought about a new reality.  Many of us have the same job but must work harder to keep it.  Many have no job.  Others have 2 or 3 lesser-paying jobs in order make ends meet.  When the economy recovers,

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  • Value is Fashionable Again: Shave Your Expenses

    Saving money is not a new concept but for many organizations it is a newly-revived imperative.   Increasingly, the old is new again.  During forty years in business I have seen the pendulum of business-culture make several

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  • Men – Ramp Up Your Visual Brand in the New Year

    Men have choices too!  Take a look at the top ten suggestions for men to improve their visual brand.  Frankly, some women can probably take a few lessons from this list, too.  http://ping.fm/GR7OB

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  • Shades of Green

    A few weeks ago DCTC hosted a panel discussion facilitated by Jessica Bartram on the topic of sustaining green in the hospitality industry.  Questions and debate in the classroom about how green is green, coupled with discussion

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