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  • Jen Bowman DCTC Head Volleyball Coach New Volleyball Head Coach Jen Bowman
  • Margaret Noirjean Margaret Noirjean Named DCTC 2015 Outstanding Educator
  • DCTC Rambling River Center Project VCOM Students Create Mural at Rambling River Center
  • Tom Hanks Two-Year Colleges in the Headlines

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  • DCTC Soccer Competing in Region 11 Tourney

    Men face Iowa Western in first round; women face Scott Match-ups are set for the upcoming women and men’s soccer tournaments for NJCAA Region 11. The Blue Knights women’s soccer team, seeded fifth, opens the

    October 27, 2014 • Sports • Views: 661

  • Ziegler CAT and Caterpillar Foundation Support DCTC

    DCTC Foundation receives $45,500 for HCET program Ziegler CAT, one of the largest and most successful Caterpillar dealers in the U.S., donated $22,750 to the DCTC Foundation for student scholarships, instructional equipment,

    October 21, 2014 • News • Views: 3264

  • Welcome to the Hort Court

    Fine gardening and landscape construction projects enhance campus life Students and faculty in the Landscape Horticulture program at Dakota County Technical College have been busy completing fine gardening and landscape

    October 16, 2014 • News • Views: 5355

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