Mondays with ME: DIAPERS, POTTIES AND DRY BEDS (9/22/14)



best ways to potty train guest Dr. Andy Barnes“As parents, many of us struggle to sort through varied and often contradictory bits of advice on the best ways to potty train from childrearing books, peers, grandparents and childcare providers. We wonder when our child should be out of diapers, when toileting “accidents” are something to worry about, and what approach will be most effective (and least harmful) in helping our children achieve independence in toileting. This Mom Enough guest, University of Minnesota’s Dr. Andy Barnes, helps cut through the confusion with both concrete tips and wise advice to remain calm and patient.” -Mom Enough TUNE IN HERE!


T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Minnesota

Are you an employed childcare professional? Are you planning to register for spring semester courses (Jan-May)?

T.E.A.C.H. MINNESOTA is now accepting applications!
Click on THIS LINK to access the application.

  • Need a refresher on what T.E.A.C.H. is? Click HERE.
  • Have a question on eligibility? Click HERE.
  • Want step by step instructions on how to apply? Click HERE.

Career Crossings: 9/19/14

career crossingThis edition of Career Crossings includes career opportunities from New Horizon Academy and Tutor Time.

New Horizon Academy is hosting a few Fall Career Fairs for you to learn more about their company and how you might grow your career with them. Click the link for more info.nhahiringfairs

Tutor Time is also hiring. See flyer for more details.TT flyer

Disclaimer- Although we post the listings on our blog, we do not vouch for the integrity or quality of programs. It is suggested that applicants research the facility, their philosophy, etc. before accepting a position.

Mondays With Me: Death or Serious Illness (9/15/14)



talking to children about death book titled Emma's Question“Talking to children about death or the serious illness of a loved one is challenging. When a parent, grandparent or other loved one is not well, children often experience a wide range of emotions and may express those feelings in ways adults find surprising or even disturbing. How can you help your child make sense of a difficult and scary situation, especially when your own sadness and fear get in the way? Both Marti and Erin bring firsthand experience to this important discussion. And Catherine Urdahlauthor of the lovely children’s picture book Emma’s Questionbrings her insight and experience to bear on the topic as well.” -ME    *Tune in Here*

The Child Life field deals with this topic often. Click Here to view posts about child life on this blog. You might be wondering  how to talk to a child about their own end of life stages and approaching death. The video below provides information about those conversations. 

Adventures in Eating Recipe #17 (Roasted Root Vegetables)

Sept Roasted Vegetables

Adventures in Eating: Quick Meal Adventures

What's CookingThe lazy days of summer are gone and the days of busy schedules are here. Whether  you are a student studying for classes, a parent driving children to school or both, finding time to cook can be tricky.  There is a new website ”What’s Cooking: The USDA Mixing Bowl” that will help you find quick, easy low cost meals.

What’s Cooking allows you to search through over 1,000 recipes. You can find traditional quick recipes such as a Fruit Salad or go on an adventure and try new recipes such as Porcupine Sliders or Asian Mango Chicken Wraps.

As a teacher, you can use this site to create a classroom cookbook. For example you could make a cookbook of snacks by following these steps.

  1. In the search box, type in snacks.
  2. Many of the snacks listed can be made in the classrooms. One recipe you could include would be Friends Trail Mix.
  3. Once you find a recipe you would like to include in your class cookbook, click on “Add to My Cookbook”.
  4. After you have added all your recipes, hover over the “Cookbook Tab” at the top of the screen and click on “Build My Cookbook”.
  5. Follow the instructions on the Build My Cookbook page to create your own cookbook title and cover.
  6. Click on “Build My Cookbook” at the bottom of the screen and in a few moments you will have a class cookbook.

As a parent, you will find the Quantity Recipe feature helpful. For example, you can find a lasagna recipe for 12 to 50 servings…perfect for those large family get-togethers!

Take a few minutes this month and explore the website. You will find a lot of quick recipes that children (and adults) are sure to enjoy this fall.


Mary SchroederMary Schroeder works for the University of Minnesota Extension which helps
to connect community needs with University of Minnesota resources.  Specifically
the Health and Nutrition programs and resources focus on disease & obesity
prevention, healthy school environments, and continuing education for community
professionals.  You can link to the Extension Health and Nutrition website at:

Mary Schroeder, MPH, RD, LD
Extension Educator
Health and Nutrition
University of Minnesota Extension
Email:  hedin007@umn.edu
Website:  www.extension.umn.edu
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/UMNExtSimplyGoodEating

WINNER! Usborne Books Giveaway


One winner was selected at random for the Usborne Book GIVEAWAY.

The lucky WINNER is Lorinda B!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you to all who entered and to the gentlemen from HugMeHugYou for the wonderful donation!

Free Expert Early Childhood Webinars Online

Many of us agree that professional development is critical to staying on top of what’s new in the field of early childhood, research, techniques, etc. Many of us would also agree that we’re extremely busy and don’t always have the time or finances to support that professional development (fees, gas, meals).

I’m excited to bring to your attention a couple of online resources that offer legitimate early childhood webinars online [FREE of charge!] by content experts in the field. Early Childhood Investigations is one and Hatch Early Learning is another. Visit their links today to view their fall lineup. Don’t worry if you can’t actually log online during the day for the webinar. Oftentimes, as long as you’ve registered, they’ll email you a link to view it at your convenience. How great is that?

Which webinar(s) are YOU interested in? I’d love to hear from you after you’ve attended a webinar. Comment on the blog or email me.


Mondays With Me: Parent Involvement and School Success (9/8/14)



Parent Involvement in Education show hosts“For school-age children, those lazy days of summer are almost gone and the challenges of school and homework are the order of the day. But kids are not the only ones who need to work in order to achieve success in school; parent involvement in education is also needed. Family involvement in a child’s learning is the single most important factor in predicting school success. Effective family-school partnerships require the investment of parents, educators and even the larger community. In this Mom Enough show, Marti & Erin discuss the most important things parents can do to support their child’s learning, and they inspire you to think creatively about how to work well with teachers and rally the community to encourage and celebrate children’s learning.” -ME *Tune in Here*

Career Crossings: 9/5/14

career crossingThis edition of Career Crossings includes career opportunities from Bright Horizons and New Horizon Academy. Read more »