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  • Allina Part-Time Jobs – Patient Access Specialist

    Student Req openings – May 2017 – Final (1) HIRING STUDENTS FOR PATIENT ACCESS SPECIALIST ROLES – MULTIPLE SITES Allina Health’s admitting department is seeking students to join our team on a part-time basis as

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  • Graduation

    This Friday, May 12 – Congratulations to all our graduates!

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  • Creating a Mobile Office

    What is a mobile office? A mobile office allows you to take your work wherever you go. It usually entails that you keep things linked up for easy access and sharing. Generally to run a mobile office you need to operate on a

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  • Effective Emails

    According to my research about Effective Emails, I would like to share with you the suggestions from The average office worker receives around 80 emails each day. With that volume of mail, individual messages can

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  • School, Work, Family, and Everything in Between

    As I’m sitting here writing, I am holding my baby who decided she doesn’t want to sleep quite yet, trying to figure out when I will have time to run to the grocery store this week, looking at three loads of laundry that I

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is growing and changing how we operate in our society. As we grow to a more technology-driven world, we must think about the benefits and risks when applying AI to our everyday lives, and face the possible

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  • Workforce Age Diversity

    Recently I read an article about age diversity in the workplace. It was of interest to me because I’m neither old nor young and I wondered where my age would benefit me in my search for employment. There are several

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  • Take Time and Enjoy Life in the Moment

    When I was younger, I was rather driven; I took overtime at work, cooked, baked, made family time, and kept a clean house and yard. At that time, married with three children, my life was never without lists: daily, weekly,

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  • Crossing your legs while sitting – bad habit

      Crossing your legs is an extremely common habit; most people don’t even notice that they’re doing it when they sit down. While you may find it comfortable to sit with one knee crossed over the other, it might be

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  • Enjoy your break!

    We hope all of you have a wonderful break and spend time with family and friends and enjoy some time off from your studies! See you next year ~ stay safe. Candace, Charlotte & Susan  

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